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About The Runaway Kitchen

Hello All and welcome to The Runaway Kitchen. Apparently this is the part you click on when you want to know about the history, people, etc. of this step into the adventure of food. Well, grab a beer, a wine, or maybe, after having read some of my stuff, you may feel more like a shot…or three.

First up, I’m Cameron, the only staff member currently here. There may be more later, but I’m a one man circus, er uh show, yeah, that’s it. I’m a lover of food, cars, jeeps, motorcycles, good cutlery, good flashlights, random adventures and did I mention food? For years, my grandmother (bless her heart) has been after me to go to culinary arts school. My response? Negative. Nope. No way. Uh-uh. Forget it. Why? Because I don’t want to ruin another perfectly good hobby. And that is what it has been. Every other hobby that I turned into a profession, soon ended up not being a hobby anymore because I got sick of it.

I started cooking with my mother(who was a housewife that occasionally did some freelance baking) when I was a kid. Later, I picked up a bit from my grandmother who had been a cook and server in a diner during her formative years. Both always said I had a gift for blending flavors. As I got older, I experimented periodically with various recipes, to include my deciding that a pecan pie should really have decent bourbon in it but I digress. That reminds me, my mother always told me, in regards to cooking with alcohol that, “If you can’t drink it, you shouldn’t cook with it.” Sage advice.

So to shorten this story greatly, I started looking around at food blogs recently and then it hit me,”I can do this!” And so was hatched The Runaway Kitchen. Runaway is a sort of tongue in cheek reference to the way things can get out hand when cooking or looking at all the great foods that are out there and the ideas that begin to flow while experimenting with various recipes.